How to use Win10Pcap

Simply install Win10Pcap on your Windows PC, either before or after your favorited WinPcap-compatible applications (e.g. Wireshark).

Since Win10Pcap has the binary-compatibility with the original WinPcap DLLs, Wireshark will begin to work in Windows 10 immediately after installing Win10Pcap.


Step 1. Install Win10Pcap

Download and install Win10Pcap.


Step 2. Install Wireshark (or other WinPcap-compatible applications)

Download Wireshark or other WinPcap-compatible applications. Install the application as usual.



Step 3. Run Wireshark

Since Win10Pcap has the binary-compatible with original WinPcap, you can use any WinPcap-compatible applications with Win10Pcap.